Faith is not Blind

Faith is not a blind thing; for faith begins with knowledge. It is not a speculative thing; for faith believes facts of which it is sure. It is not an unpractical, dreamy thing; for faith trusts, and stakes its destiny upon the truth of revelation.

That is one way of describing what faith is.

C.H. Spurgeon, All of Grace

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  1. Not bad.

    But I like what the Bible says about it better.

    “Faith is a gift.”

    It is born from above and given to us freely. In the hearing of His Word and in the sacraments.

    It doesn’t take a lot of faith to “believe facts of which one is sure”.

    Biblical faith is not as much a belief in something, as it is a trust in someone.

    Good stuff, Kebs.

    Keep ‘em coming!

  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing that thought Steve!

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